Photobar Agricultural Stock

How to license

The majority of the pictures we have online are of animals, crops, wildlife etc. These pictures do not normally require property releases. If recognisable buildings or people are in the picture then, other than editorial use, releases are required, this is particularly important
if pictures are being used in advertising. Where identifiable logo's or company names are on products it is the responsibility of the person using the pictures to arrange clearance with these companies.

  • Contact us to negotiate license of pictures. Cost is based on use.
  • If you require a larger file for placement or client approval just ask. There is no charge for this service you only license pictures that are selected for use in your project.
  • While the pictures can be on your desktop in minutes the invoice is sent out by mail. If your company uses purchase order numbers then please supply this at the time of order along with your mailing address.
  • If you prefer to have us invoice for picture use please contact us and with billing details and we will make sure you have the pictures asap.


How much does it cost to license a picture? An important question could be what is the cost of licensing just any picture to fill a space?
If the right picture makes your advertising more effective then investing a little more in your advertising photographs isn't an expense it will give you a better return on your investment.

Any questions or concerns please check with us -

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