Photobar Agricultural Stock

How to license


  • Once you have selected pictures for use in your project we put high res digital files on line for you to download from our web site. Often the files can be in your computer within minutes of your request.
  • If you require a larger file for placement or client approval just ask. There is no charge for this service you only license pictures that are selected for use in your project.
  • While the pictures can be on your desktop in minutes the invoice is sent out by mail. If your company uses purchase order numbers then please supply this at the time of order along with your mailing address.
    • When applicable we will add Canadian H.S.T.
    • US Clients are exempt form H.S.T.

The details we need are:

  • If the picture is to be used in a brochure or news letter how many copies will be printed?
  • If the picture is to be used on a magazine cover or editorial how many copies of the magazine are printed?
  • For use in advertising over what period will the advert be appearing and the approximate print run of each of the publications it will be in?
  • For use in a trade show display, how long will the picture be used on the display - most often this will be one, two or four years. It is possible of course just to license a picture for one time use in one trade show.
  • For use in text books how many copies are to be published? Is it just for publication in one country or will it be for international distribution?
  • Most importantly how large a file do you need? If you can give us the physical size you are going to use the picture we can give you the appropriate digital file.

By licensing CM (conflict managed) images you can customize the license which allows you a measure of control over who else can license the picture. Of course it is possible that many other uses of the same picture wouldn't be a problem but it's nice to know when you select a picture for the cover of your magazine the same picture will not appear on a competitors magazine at the same time.

How much does it cost to license a picture? An important question could be what is the cost of licensing just any picture to fill a space?
If the right picture makes your advertising more effective then investing a little more in your advertising photographs isn't an expense it will give you a better return on your investment.

When you license a RM picture you select and pay only for the use you are going to make of the picture . If you license a picture for one time use in a power point presentation to a small audience there is a small fee while the same picture licensed for use in a national advertising campaign will have a higher fee.

Because the license fee is based on use we require some details of the use in order to give you an accurate quotation and to allow us to monitor the history of each picture.


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